Traveling Southern California, Baja Mexico and Beyond

Hello and welcome to the official page of The Baja Bus! Come along with us as we set out on this new adventure exploring different regions of Southern California and Baja Mexico. We may even throw in some surprise visits to the Yucatan, as well! We have traveled these roads often and finally decided to document some of the miles of dust we leave behind. We have purchased an amazing 4×4 that is now affectionately known as “The Baja Bus.”  Thanks for taking this journey with us. No doubt, we will hit some of your favorite spots in the region, but you never know, you may just see some areas that you have never had the privilege of exploring yourself. We hope to inspire you to hit the road and come join us, or at least make you feel as though you have through our blogs, reports and photos!

The Baja Bus – Photographed in Little Blaire, Anza Borrego State Park by Nikki Snyder

Most people we talk to about Baja California give us a blank stare and respond with something like “But aren’t there murders in Mexico?” Our response? “Yes, but not as many as Los Angeles or San Diego. You’re safer in 99% of Baja than you are 99% of California.” Maybe a few pictures would help you understand why so many people are drawn to the beauty of Baja. There is literally no place like it on Earth.

Mountains (West of Bahia Concepción, Sea of Cortez, Baja California) Photo: Justin Snyder

“Road” from Comondú to San Javier (definitely the best stretch of the whole 52 miles!) Photo: Justin Snyder

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  1. Are you a business? Do you do road trips? I’m not sure from this is you’re travelers posting info or a business.

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